Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink pink party and cake

This is a modified re-post from my personal blog with cake pictures and a crafty birthday banner.

Z turned 4 yesterday. We threw a party.

With balloons

And birthday banner - heart pendant style

Z and I made this pendant. She stamped the hearts (ok, it was a Valentine's leftover), I cut them out and sewed them together... and wrote the words on it. Turned out super-cute.

The cake. It's a cherry bits cake trifled with strawberry mousse and
strawberry puree inside, covered first in strawberry buttercream, then again in
pink marshmallow fondant. It was pretty tasty.

The colour is a little off in these pictures because I took the pictures at night after the cake was finished (around midnight).

If any of you are trying your first layer cake, learn from me and do some research on layer cakes instead of just plowing ahead and stacking a smaller cake on top of a larger one. While there were no devastating effects of just stacking a cake on top of the previous layer of fondant, the cake melted the fondant below and it all came off with the top layer when we went about eating it. No one minded, but the bottom pieces didn't look very nice and didn't have much icing when we were serving. I actually preferred it because I find the marshmallow fondant too sweet. My Z, on the other hand, would gladly share cake with me; she'll eat all the icing (fondant, too) and leave the cake for me!

Birthdays are so much fun and they afford such a great opportunity to be crafty and to share that with friends and family. I love that I can share my crafty-ness with my daughter, and she loves it so. She is the sweetest kid ever. She is always so encouraging and thoughtful about her comments about the cakes I make. She loves them. She says they're beautiful and delicious with such sincerity, it is really a joy making her wondeful cakes and other things. I hope your efforts are as appreciated!

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