Monday, August 24, 2009

Dust off the blog and I made this: purse

Ok, so I've really done a crap job of this craft blog lately. Ok, I've never done a good job of this craft blog. But for the amount of crafting I do, I really have a lot to put here. Because I've never done much of an introduction for this blog, I thought I'd give you my thoughts about it. I wanted a place that was different from my personal blog where I could send people who were interested in the crafty me. My personal blog turned pretty crafty for a while, which was fine, but many people who don't know the real me don't necessarily care to hear about my conversation with my three year old on the bus or why I choose to cloth diaper. I've never been much of a poop-talk, mommy, but still.

As you will learn, I don't spend a lot of time apologizing for things I haven't done, like not blogging. So now that I'm here, let me share something with you. This bag has been a long time in the making. I have a purse. Just a small, regular, going out purse. But I needed a hand bag. A transition diaper bag/mommy purse/shopping bag. I don't always need a full diaper bag... one diaper when we're out is usually more than enough. So if I have one in my bag with a wipe or two, that's usually sufficient. But I always need room for a couple pairs of socks (in case we're at a play place) and I like to have pockets for all my things... wallet, cell phone, iPod, sunglasses, keys, change purse, you know.

And for entirely too long, I was hauling around a reuseable shopping bag (not a cool one) with my purse in it and all the other crap I wanted to carry. Finally, my coworker, who brought her sons to my son's birthday party, gave S his birthday gift, it came in a cute reusable bag that I commandeered and carried that around. It was a big step up from the one I was using.

All this time I was dreaming of and looking for the perfect fabric for my handbag. I have a small stash of fabric. So I couldn't just go to my stash. After nearly 9 months, I acquired all the fabric I needed for my handbag. And a couple months later, in less than 2 days (mommy days... naps & evenings) I designed and put together the new handbag. And I'm SOOO pleased with it!

Isn't that a fun lining fabric? I bought it for aprons that I made for me and Z... (I changed the style of apron I was planning to make so that I would have extra leftover to line a handbag!)

Not too bad for a first time, eh?

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