Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Days 6 & 7

I'm so pleased with how this first week of our Advent Activities has gone! It's been lots of fun; I've been on top of things and for the most part we're having fun and not losing our (my) sh*t. :)

Yesterday we decorated the gingerbread houses that I assembled the day before. I sorted all the candies I bought into egg cartons so that everyone had their own set of candies to use and there was no fighting over a popular candy (you can never know what that will be, either).

Simon begins.

Zoe topping her house with peppermints

Three extra hard cookies were included in the kit to decorate and I allowed the children to eat them. (I took a bite of one and decided it wasn't worth the calories it contained, so I pitched the rest.)

So much candy

Snack break

All decorated. And flying high on sugar!

Tonight's activity was a welcome change: sleep under the Christmas tree! This activity is new this year; I can't remember where I found the idea or if I came up with it myself, but it went very well. Isaac did not participate in this activity, either: too little. We brought up the sleeping bags and moved some of the furniture around to accommodate the little sleepover. They chose to turn off the Christmas tree lights when they were done reading a few Christmas books and are already fast asleep. Such good sleepers. We'll see how it goes in the morning when they wake up and break into the gingerbread houses... 

I still think I have some work to do capturing both people, low light and Christmas trees...

This is a fun shot, even though the light is a little off.

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