Sunday, April 17, 2011

So... yeah... how ya doin?

Well, yes, ok. I don't usually do apology posts for long absences from my blog because this is my life and my blog and I can do what I want, but I mean, we're going on 10 months here, so perhaps a little apology is in order. Sorry. Anyway, it's been a busy year. We sold our condo, bought a house, moved, put a new roof on the house, painted the bedrooms in the house, took a vacation to Tennessee in August (eight months pregnant: what were we thinking?... it was great), had a baby, replaced the ceiling in the kitchen, painted some more rooms, hosted the in-laws for Christmas, painted some more, and lost 25 lbs along with doing the regular life stuff. In there I managed to do some sewing and some other crafts, which I'll share here. If you don't already, follow me on Facebook, I am marginally better at posting there.
Me in my new jeans (after losing about 20 lbs here)

I'm coming back here, though, with all the stuff I've been working on, and with some projects I need to work on and maybe y'all can help me with that.

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Evelyn in Canada said...

You've had a very busy year! And you look absolutely amazing. That's exactly what I need to do and I should have had time to make it happen too. No excuses besides laziness and lack of trying.

I'm glad you're back.

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