Monday, March 11, 2013

Cha cha cha changes!

Hey, did anyone notice some changes to my website?

Now that I finally bought my domain and directed my blog to it and added pages for my cupcake & cake flavours, prices and contact form, it's starting to look like a real (amateur) website! But this week I created my own little logo, just with my craft evangelist name.

So there's my cute little by-me designed logo. My business isn't quite lucrative enough just yet to afford a fancy designer and all that... and why won't they work for cupcakes?! Sheesh! (To be fair, I didn't ask anyone to work for cupcakes, so if you're a designer with some vision and want to work for cupcakes or crafts, contact me!)

I also figured out (through A LOT of work in PicMonkey) how to make my own watermark for my photos. I think this is super cool. Maybe it's not that cool, but I did spend a few hours on it, so please don't tell me if it's not cool, ok?

Also, a little sad update on my PAYD device... tried it Friday morning with a client and it DIDN'T WORK! The swiper didn't work! The credit card didn't look that old and the magnetic strip looked in tact. We even tried the old grocery store trick by putting in a plastic bag (why does that work? weird)! I can't wait until they get a chip reader! I suppose I could have tried punching in the numbers and run the transaction that way, but they add an extra fee for that, so BOOOOOO... I'll be trying to get that resolved and figure out what the problem is over the next little while. (sigh). It does have a nice feature in which you can record cash transactions, too, which is great because then I can get reports and keep track of all transactions for my business in one place. So, that's nice, but so far, for processing credit cards... not so great. :(

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