Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crayon Caddy

A friend asked me if I had any of these for sale. My etsy shop and my Artfire shop are sadly empty. I haven't had much luck selling stuff on Etsy, mostly because I haven't spent the time to stock it with my favorite things and market it properly. There are a lot of great Etsy shops and it's pretty easy to get lost in there. If I'm ever going to have any credibility, I should probably start having a stocked shop.

Anyway, this is a re-post from my personal blog of the Crayon Caddy that I made for my nephew last year. I made some for my children, too.

I'm quite proud of this because I designed it myself, up-cycled an old pair of pants and a shirt (the green striped fabric is new) and made it for next to nothing. And hello? Super. cute. And handy; do you see that pocket on the left? It's for finished works of art.

I used magnet clasp things for closure... so classy.
I didn't even know you could just buy them and
there they were sitting around in the fabric store,
waiting for me to buy them.

That pocket is from a shirt my husband was giving away. It wasn't a pocket originally though, it was just part of the shirt. It's totally a bonus pocket, for the crayon you found on the floor on the way out of the restaurant, you could even pop a matchbox car in there.

Oh, and just so you don't go thinking that I'm so super-"all that" sewer (is seamstress the right word here? because every time I read "sewer" I'm thinking of nasty toilet water pipes and I'm certainly not that), this is my third attempt. The first one was trying out my "pattern," the second one is still good enough to give away, but this one I'm starting to get good.

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