Monday, April 27, 2009

Shirt Dresses

I had to tell you about this. This was originally posted on my personal blog, Containers and Compartments, but is definitely appropriate for here. Shirt Dresses are taking the craft blogging community by storm lately. I've seen many women making these cute little dresses for their daughters. So if you haven't seen one already, here are my first two.

The first shirt dress I made was a retired shirt from my husband's closet. He really liked this shirt, but he just didn't wear it anymore and I thought it would make a fabulous dress for my little Z. I must say I was impressed with my first transformation. It went relatively smoothly, even though I lost the elastic a couple times in the sleeves.

And because I made both sleeves for the dress from one of the man's shirt sleeves, I had an extra sleeve leftover to make a matching headband made from this tutorial. Z isn't exactly into headbands yet (but she really should be since I plan to help her grow out her bangs).

And since the first one was such a positive experience (even after elastic trouble), I hit the thrift store and found this man's dress shirt that was destined to be a little girl's dress.

I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but it's two different pinks and purple and a little bit of grey and maybe brown. Seriously, what man bought this shirt for himself to wear? No matter. The world has been set right again.

How sweet is that, eh? Love it. I definitely prefer these sleeves to the elastic ones. Less work, less elastic to lose in the casing. This one had a pocket on it that I had to pick off before I could take it apart. There are some small holes from the stitching where the pocket used to be, but I'm hoping those will close up the first time I wash it. I moved the pocket down, too. I wanted to move it to the right side of the dress, but Z wanted it on the left. Who am I to argue?

I decided to finish it with a cute top-stitching design instead of a straight hem finish, just for something a little special. I matched the detailing on the top of the pocket.

Here's my little model. It's possible the pocket's up a little too high, but I'm not going to worry about it. She's also got a bunch of blocks in her pocket, so that could be contributing to the wonky-ness of it.

The matching headband is probably a little too wide, but we can fold it over no problem. She's actually wearing it! Right now! As I type this! Yay!


dana said...

Ohhhh. So cute! I love the twists you put on it! Great idea to make a matching headband and adding the pocket back on. I've been meaning to do that too. Great stuff!
I'll add it to the fashion show. And we'll get a flikr group going soon.

Tania said...

Yay for shirt upcyling! And as the proud recent winner of a shirt apron I am officially on the bandwagon...

a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh! totally ADORABLE!!!
so is your little girl!

karwee said...

Fabulous idea! Now all I need is a sewing machine and a mountain of shirts.

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